I’ve been messing around with a Marvel/Avengers/X-Men au where all the main heros get their starts as kids with designs mixed from the movie and comic canon. I’m mostly using it to some quick color,expression and age practice but it’s pretty fun at this point so I might do something with it. I have all the Avengers sketched out so I just need to clean up the sketchs and slap on some color.

Wade Wilson- (Pre-Cancer, Post-powers) Lives as a ‘student’ at Xaviers but mostly just sticks to his little treehouse hes made his home in the forest area around the school and just eats their food. He’s a rough and tumble kid with no friends to to speak of besides some kid named Bob he’ll push around every once and a while, a kid named Weasel who no one ever really sees besides him and some twenty year old woman he talks about named Al. He talks to himself mostly and even though he doesn’t need them, wears a ton of band aids every time he gets hurt so he can feel a little bit more normal. he wears his mask as a hat when he’s not in costume, and the day he asks that really cute kid at the park to hang out is the day he’ll stop making his legal guardian Logan take him to the park every day.

Peter Parker- After loosing his parents the year before and his Uncle a few months ago, he spends most of his time with the Avengers and buying disposable cameras to take pictures of himself in costume to anonymously send to the bugle in an attempt to give his Aunt some extra cash. Needing to grow up a bit faster than a normal kid due to circumstances, his friends have grown a little distant and he spends a bit portion of his time in costume. Gwen Stacy, who was with Peter when Harry dared him to sneak into one of his fathers labs, is the only one who knows Peter’s secret and takes the fall a lot when they need excuses for Peter to miss class or dinner. She’s become his sort of make-shift nurse after nights out and is his closest friend. Peter still has no idea who the weird shaggy haired kid at the park is who follows him around, but he’s been too shy to ask his name as of yet.